Australian Vegan Business Directory is designed to work for you.  My name is Bren and I’ve been successful in the digital space for 15 years.  Now, I’m turning my attention to the local Australian search space – and helping independent businesses like yours break free from dependence on paid ads.

Business Directories Work

Listing your business – and gaining a precious backlink to your website – is Search Engine Optimisation 101.  Especially powerful is an exact match domain name (like www.australianvegan.directory.) pointing to your website.  A link from this directory acts as a significant and authoritative vote of confidence for your business.  Your business will benefit from being associated with both words – Australian and Vegan.

Organic Search Results

Building links to your website as part of your search engine optimisation (seo) helps cement your website closer to the prized number one result.  That’s why business directories – especially specific directories like australianvegan.directory are increasingly important.